A male customer has been holding a female employee in her 20s hostage at an Internet cafe since the afternoon of March 17.


Name: The Clearing of the Universe (Osaka) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:32:21.04 ID: bGJ3Bc8A0 ● ? PLT(13000)
This is the first time I’ve been able to get a good idea of what it’s like to be a part of a group of people.

The incident occurred after 4 p.m. on the 17th. An employee of the Internet cafe “Mambo Plus Omiya Nishiguchi” located on the 7th floor of a building in Sakuragi-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama City, reported that a female employee called out to a customer.
A female employee entered the booth after being called by a customer, and there was no response after that.

According to the investigators, a man is holding a female employee in her 20s hostage in a locked private booth on the 7th floor.
The female employee is said to have been able to communicate with the man and is not believed to be injured.

The site is located in the downtown area about 200 meters from the west exit of JR Omiya Station, and the Internet cafe is on the 6th and 7th floors of the building.

Police continue to persuade hostage takers in Saitama City, half a day after report

Name: Van Allen Belt (Shizuoka Prefecture) [CN][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:32:52.66 ID: jGq+Cjfi0
Give him a gulp of milk.

3 Name: Bellatrix (Tokyo) [CN][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:34:13.83 ID: mBZQei2z0

4 Name: Jupiter (mushroom) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:35:19.81 ID: C6sUFQ4S0
This is already…
Is that what the killer wants?

5 Name: Becrux (Shizuoka Prefecture) [JP][] Posted: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:35:21.45 ID: ow9ndwRO0
If you just turn off the air conditioning in that room.
They’ll swarm you and burn you out!

6 Name: Spica (Tokyo) [FR][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:36:26.35 ID: U9kMAgf/0
Saitama, scary!

7 Name: Miranda (Tokyo) [US][] Date of Submission: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:36:44.13 ID: LnAquY2g0
Throw poop in from above.

8 Name: Aldebaran (mushroom) [US][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:37:14.13 ID: pvTWGnsU0
No response means it’s a locked private room and there’s no camera?

9 Name: White Dwarf Star (Yawaraka Bank) [Nida] [sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:37:15.17 ID: 1B7ZKP1M0
I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you.

10 Name: Ellis (SB-Android) [US][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:37:22.16 ID: PIOP6HkT0
I wonder how many times I’ve done this so far.

11 Name: Becrux (Aichi Prefecture) [VN][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:37:48.69 ID: elgdlKgS0
I’d like to know what you think.

12 Name: Akernar (Tokyo) [CA][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:37:53.71 ID: +8J0O7m30
I’m sure he’s alive because he’s probably visible on the surveillance cameras, but it’s tough.

13 Name: Umbriel (Light) [Nida] [] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:38:00.24 ID: XfHTGdPL0
Shoot him dead.

14 Name: Mercury (Japan) [HK][] Date of Submission: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:38:33.80 ID: 6kCTZ8IR0
Looks like the desperate killer is getting laid.

15 Name: Andromeda Galaxy (Tokyo) [Nida] [] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:38:34.76 ID: Xf1kpHC+0
Make it an ashtray. If it overflows, punish it.

16 Name: Edgeworth Kuiper Belt Object (mushroom) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:38:35.73 ID: qoHH6oeD0 [1/2].
I want to cleanly flatten the hostage sister’s pee-pee crotch.

17 Name: Fomalhaut (Chiba Prefecture) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:39:35.47 ID: PyIXVfSJ0
Ongoing news, huh?

18 Name: Umbriel (Yawaraka Bank) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:39:38.45 ID: qniFoPU40
If you make it too hot, they’ll use the hostages as a shield and tell you to turn on the air conditioning.
Let the vomit-level stench pour in via the air conditioner.

19 Name: Red Supergiant (Osaka) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:39:52.83 ID: 7sX6XZtm0
I have a feeling I’m going to need to pee…

20 Name: Alpha Centauri (Tottori Prefecture) [KR][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:40:07.60 ID: 9YsVD5tn0 [1/3].
You can see it with your computer’s camera.

Name: Antares (mushroom) [US][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:40:14.49 ID: S7QHSA0k0
It’s a no-brainer.

22 Name: Deneb (Chiba Prefecture) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:41:25.96 ID: Y4wCNztL0
My mom’s gag…
It’s a good thing I’m not the only one.

23 Name: Planck’s constant (Saitama Prefecture) [PL][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:41:38.02 ID: Ffzayf3q0
Manbo is a brothel-type place run by the yakuza.
I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
I guess they’re in league with the police.

24 Name: Saturn (Saitama Prefecture) [US][] Posted: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:41:45.08 ID: CjbN54YY0
I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that will help you get through the day.

25 Name: Sirius (mushroom) [CN][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:43:57.19 ID: AQ28ONBs0
If the hostage was super ugly, the killer wouldn’t be able to stand peeing in that private room.

26 Name: Brain World (Tokyo, Japan) [JP][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:43:59.72 ID: 9pg8f0jO0
You can’t get the culprit to turn against you, which is why it’s taken so long.
You’ve been reading too many comics.

27 Name: Jupiter (mushroom) [CN][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:44:13.04 ID: KRQ5KX9K0
If something was done to you, the announcement would say nothing was done.
If it’s solved, the victims will be flooded with media.

28 Name: Juno (Osaka) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:44:14.44 ID: 63ymW7V00
You can drink all the drinks you want and read all the comics you want. You can eat all the soft serve ice cream you want.
It’s a great way to stay indoors.

29 Name: Alpha Centauri (Aichi Prefecture) [US][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:44:25.13 ID: wSGjFEpo0
If this kind of tension continues, the woman will ask him out because she feels romantic feelings. It’s called Stockholm Syndrome. The source is Golgo 13.

30 Name: Ganymede (Tokyo) [CN][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:44:44.93 ID: aRY1joPl0
You’re wearing a proper mask.

31 Name: The Clearing of the Universe (Light) [GB][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:45:26.27 ID: dSCwJVrq0 [1/2].
I thought it was Osaka, but it’s Omiya.

32 Name: Aldebaran (Tokyo) [CA][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:45:53.67 ID: dC/GRUwB0
I can’t go to the bathroom, so I guess I’m covered in poo and pee.
I don’t know how the perpetrator can stand to be in a private room.

33 Name: The Clearing of the Universe (Light) [GB][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:45:55.37 ID: dSCwJVrq0 [2/2].
I’m not guilty of this because I didn’t chin letting.

34 Name: Betelgeuse (Hokkaido) [Nida] [sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:46:36.71 ID: LHACY7wP0
No injuries means she was a non-virgin.

35 Name: Hubble Deep Field (Saitama Prefecture) [Nida]日付未入力 Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:47:14.50 ID: CNqJSnEn0 [1/4].
It’d be better if the SATs could just go in quick and shoot them dead in quick succession.

36 Name: Herbig-Haro Object (Chiba Prefecture) [Nida] [sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:47:14.80 ID: d01PpJbc0
If this was in the echinaca of Omiya station.
I can live inside the ticket gate.

37 Name: Neutral Sheet Magnetotail (Tokyo, Japan) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:48:11.98 ID: 7gIf9bsV0 [1/3].
It’s a regular motel, with completely private rooms and no cameras. I’m not sure what to make of this.

38 Name: Earth (Tokyo) [Nida] [] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:48:21.95 ID: rzGAA7ij0
In the meantime, you should put a lot of laxatives in the water you pass.

39 Name: Oberon (Hokkaido) [US][sage] Posted: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:49:01.30 ID: DnslZsJl0
Do you have a knife on you?
If you don’t have one, you can kick down the door and punch him in the face.

40 Name: Sedona (Hiroshima Prefecture) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:49:20.46 ID: E3BQ88Xd0
I wish I could crack your crazy head open and give you a brain wash.

41 Name: Alpha Centauri (SB-iPhone) [KR][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:49:38.49 ID: VesPm0Eh0
You don’t have a weapon or anything.
I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you.

42 Name: Saturn (Tokyo) [JP][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:49:53.14 ID: dCFdCWrW0
A part-time worker said, “I set up hidden cameras in each private room without telling the store, just in case something like this happens!

43 Name: Great Wall (Nagano Prefecture) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:49:57.52 ID: 0+TENWsd0
The cockroaches of the capital fungus like small places.

44 Name: Comet Neat (Ibaraki Prefecture) [ID] [sage] Date: 2021/06/18 (Fri) 09:50:09.77 ID: j6tTmowO0
What is that cute little orphan?

45 Name: Thermal Death (Zipangu) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:50:14.39 ID: 32u8PCk50 [1/2].

46 Name: Albireo (light) [ZA][] Posted: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:50:40.37 ID: c62EDC3y0
I wonder if she’s hugging him from behind and squeezing his tits.

47 Name: North American Nebula (Saitama Prefecture) [Nida][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:51:02.45 ID: o49aVR550
Mambo Plus Omiya Nishiguchi is a high-end store, isn’t it?

48 Name: Neutral Sheet Magnetotail (Tokyo) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:51:52.12 ID: 7gIf9bsV0 [2/3].
This place seems to be some kind of yahoo store. It’s a completely closed room, private room, no cameras, no background check, and in this day and age, of course it’s out.
I’m sure the owner is trying to tell the police not to go in.

49 Name: Heat Death (Zipangu) [US][sage] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:52:18.51 ID: 32u8PCk50 [2/2].
I think I’ll keep playing with it even after I lose my erection.

50 Name: Vega (Zipangu) [Nida][] Date: 2021/06/18(Fri) 09:52:50.38 ID: WurYFI0T0
Put on your wiseass face, you’ll come out of it.

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